Monday, January 30, 2012

Hey Soccer Fans

You never explained it to me like this.

Beckham for H&M.


Landru said...

Yes. Male soccer players have penii and testes.

I apologize for failing to grasp that you weren't clued to this. The loss is all mine, of course; I can only imagine how much simpler my life would have been had I simply grabbed you by the shoulders and screamed, "But they have cocks!"

Truly, my life to this day has been a waste of oxygen.

Edward Champion said...

Of all the millions of photos to explain Beckham, this picture is the best you can do? This is the most patently offensive and sexist blog post that I have ever read in my many years of online activity! How DARE you contribute to the ongoing objectification of the male body like this? Really? You call yourself a humanist? I'm never visiting this goddam site again! European socialist anti-family pigs! All of you!