Friday, May 23, 2003

Texas Again
Via Bob Harris for Tom Tomorrow Texas has passed the Women's Right to Know Act imposing a number of intrusive to ridiculous measures before an abortion is performed. The L.A. Times reports:

"The law also requires doctors or clinics to offer women written materials containing everything from a list of adoption agencies to a reminder that fathers are typically liable for paying child support. Women would be offered photographs approximating what their fetus looks like — color photographs, as specified by the law. Democrats' attempts to exempt victims of rape or incest from having to view the photos were defeated, which is "just cruel," said Peggy Romberg, executive director of the Women's Health and Family Planning Assn. of Texas.

"The bill requires abortions performed after 16 weeks of pregnancy to be conducted in ambulatory surgical centers or hospitals, where safety standards are higher, supporters say, but where costs associated with having an abortion quadruple, women's health advocates say.

"Finally, the bill requires doctors to offer women information warning them that abortion can increase the risk of breast cancer."

Never mind that research demonstrates no such risk. This is beyond the pale. Why do conservatives who claim to be opposed to governmental intrusiveness continue to stick their collective noses into women's health issues? Oh, silly me. They're obsessed with anything remotely connected to sex. I forgot.

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