Wednesday, June 11, 2003

the world just freaks me out. As you may recall I live just outside of Washington D.C., a rather urban area. I have the TV on because I needed a South Park fix (don't go there .. I have bad taste and watch lots of crap on tv) and suddenly there is this guy wearing something like fatigues saying "Hi there. I'm Captain Happy."


No, no, no. That's not what he really said. What he really said is "I'm Captain Happy and I'm here to tell you to always carry a knife." Wow, that's encouraging. Everybody I walk past on the streets of Your Nation's Capital carrying a knife. I'm feeling better already.

And now that they have convinced me to hunt down their web site I know that one of their local shops is only about a mile from my house. I'm thinking that maybe I need a grey tee shirt with P O L I C E across it in size huge letters.

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