Thursday, June 12, 2003

Talk to Terry
Today The Daily Kos asked what folks would say to Terry McAuliffe if they had five minutes to talk to him. I said this off of the top of my head:

"Tell him that some of us refuse to contribute to the party until the party, i.e. the DNC makes it clear that they represent all democrats and that they are willing to stand up and be democrats.

"The DLC ought not be (and ought not be percieved as) the voice of the democratic party. Find a way to muzzle them and to present a positive constructive vision of what used to be a big tent. It wasn't so long ago that the republicans lost elections because they were busily excluding so many of their members but those days are gone. That seems to be one of the main ways in which democrats are imitating republicans.

"And the vision of the democratic party seems to have gotten lost in this longing to be republican lite. What does Lieberman stand for except some muddled version of the neocon agenda? Does the DLC actually represent the soul of the democratic party? Absolutely not. There are tons of democrats out there who would love to have a party that represents them but do not feel welcome. Minorities of all stripes feel ignored and neglected at best, tolerated in most instances, and certainly taken for granted. Women used to strongly identify as democrats and are now being courted (and too often won) by a lying right wing. So get back to a core of progressiveism, something that people can get excited about. George Bush figured out about his base. Mr. McAuliffe should take that lesson from him."

I think the most important that was said amidst the nearly 200 comments, though. was the reminder that we should all say it to Terry. Write, email, or otherwise communicate your thoughts. Make him listen.

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