Sunday, July 13, 2003

Sunday Morning Talk
I've just finished watching Condi Rice on Face the Nation and George Rumsfeld on Meet the Press. The contrast is startling.

Ms. Rice seemed to feel that she should be above close questioning on the small matter of Our President lying to the Congress and the American People. She became sweetly aggressive and kept explaining, as if to a stupid child, that we need to remember that on 9/11 the President said we would be aggressive on terrorists and that we should go back to 1992 and remember all of the bad things Saddam Hussein has done. She wouldn't deal directly with questioning about the immediacy of the threat.

Mr. Rumsfeld, on the other hand, seemed to be in a working meeting. He is as always certain that he is right, but he analyzes, going into detail about the situation, discusses aluminum rods and yellow cake, and sounds like he is sincerely involved in doing his job. Our President, when he speaks, speaks with the voice of Ms. Rice.

Remember I have spent no time in reflection, but my instinct tells me that Ms. Rice is the one who needs to go. I find myself wondering to what extent she is trading on her demeanor and how competent she is to understand and analyze the issues. This is particularly troubleing when we are faced with a President who clearly doesn't have the skills to do it himself. Hrmmm...

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