Friday, August 22, 2003

A Man of Style
My Local Paper today has an insightful fashion piece on Arnold entitled Lord of the Rings.
Robin Givhan, perhaps my least favorite Post writer, tells us "Schwarzenegger has always worn the clothes of a company man dressed for casual Friday. The bold jewelry, however, suggests that he owns the company.

The gubernatorial candidate does not wear a pinkie ring -- that alone would suggest that he would be better suited for the craps table than the legislature. But he is a man comfortable adorning himself with lapis and sapphire.

Schwarzenegger doesn't wear a traditional wedding band; instead he wears a yellow gold and sapphire ring that was given to him by wife Maria Shriver on their wedding day. One might refer to its carat size as "significant" and its style as MGM Grand.

Complementing the sapphire is a large lapis lazuli ring, particularly prominent when Schwarzenegger is jabbing the air for emphasis the way that politicians do." and

"Wearing a suit jacket, open-collar shirt and silver skull ring on a recent cover of Newsweek, Schwarzenegger had the look of a man who takes meetings, who grabs them in his meaty hands and bends them to his will."

Isn't it nice to know that a man of substance is a likely winner of the recall election? Don't you sleep better at night?

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