Wednesday, August 20, 2003

That Damn Liberal Patriot Act
I am sure you know by now that Our Attorney General, John Ashcroft, is on a multi-city tour to promote the Patriot Act. We not only fail to appreciate the value of the one we already have, we clearly do not yet appreciate the compelling need to Close The Loopholes.

The Washington Times, one of those non-American rags so favored by the wingnuts, will help enlighten us. It seems "The legislation, cloaked in the noble objective of "freedom to read," ignores the sinister uses to which terrorists can make of libraries. Not every library user will choose to read "Little Women" or Playboy. For example, most libraries today provide Internet computer access. Such access can bring up information from benign databases, but also guidance in making conventional bombs and weapons of mass destruction. Library computers, like computers generally, can be used to communicate. "

I am shocked! Shocked. Using computers to communicate !! What will they think of next?

Ahh, they know and will tell us. "Excluding libraries and bookstores from the Patriot Act makes no more sense than exempting hospitals, museums, colleges, newspapers, theaters, labor unions and drugstores, none of which is mentioned in the proposed legislation." You see?

Isn't it time to get on board?

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