Wednesday, September 17, 2003

The DNC's New Blog
is cleverly entitled "Kicking Ass." I'd link to it but I'm totally pissed off at them. (This happens every time I'm ready to give them some real money.) Over at Wampum there's a boycott untill they get more women on their blogroll. There is exactly one. I'm onboard. And glad that somebody noticed.

I just sent this email to their "contact" form (which requires a lot of personal information and which forcefully created an account for me whether I wanted it or not.)

"I would love to link to you from my lefty blog, but the severe, _severe_ shortage of women bloggers prevents me from doing so. You should really be ashamed of yourself. Why shouldn't your blogroll look like the party?

"If you want an example of tons of high quality women bloggers to choose from, go here:

"You certainly don't have any trouble asking us for money."

A little harsh? I'm sick to death of being nice. Yeah, yeah, better the dems than the bad guys, but really -- it should occur to somebody.

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