Saturday, October 11, 2003

Here and There
Some way late, but I don't do this often:

  • Brooke Biggs' Bitter Shack has a new home. And she is hawking some very cool t-shirts to support her blogging habit.

  • Digby at Hullabaloo provides us with a transcript of Rush on the hardship of little people trying to acquire prescription drugs. You don't have to imagine how sympathetic he is; you can read it yourself.

  • Lisa English's son has returned from the hospital and is doing well. And we are very glad to have her back keeping them honest and reminding us to call/email/write our Congresscritters.

  • Eric over at the DNC blog, Kicking Ass has responded to me and whoever else prompted him, encouraged him, and provided him with names (like Elayne Riggs) and has added some women bloggers to their links. It is nice to see such a positive response. Thanks Eric!

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