Saturday, April 30, 2005

The New, Improved Tom DeLay

According to Salon (you have to watch that commercial to read it unless you are a subscriber) Tom Delay is getting a makeover. An example: "Diane Parente, president of Image Development and Management, based in Ross, Calif., had some tips for DeLay at the time. "I would get rid of the [hair] gel," she said. Parente thought he was "very sloppy looking" and needed to "convey a more sincere attitude and watch the expression on his mouth, which looks like a frown." She also suggested he consider an eyelift because his "heavy lids" made him look "cynical."

Yessirreebob, an eyelift would surely take care of that cynical look.

He's apparently become more aware of his image though. Look at him now!

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