Sunday, May 29, 2005

Bits and Pieces

Commenting on these assclowns is a full time job. Unfortunately I am not independently wealthy and must spend an inordinate amount of time laboring for grocery money. I miss so many opportunities.

The "Compromise"

I am totally enamored of the "compromise" that wasn't. Those three wretched judges, Ms. Owens, Ms. Brown, and Mr. Pryor were going to be confirmed anyway. It was just going to take a while. And they are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of horribilitude. (Aside -- I wish there were a judicial watch group who were courageous enough to work to impeach the judges who violate the law.) The most positive outcome of the compromise is that the Republicans are now visibly eating their own.

Mr. Frist stood in the well and blithered, not knowing what had been crafted, sputtering in rage that he didn't get to play The General any more. He looks like the weak lame duck that he has been. His downfall began when he started practicing medicine via TV and is now complete. Mr. McCain (finally) looks enough stronger that talking heads all over the media are talking trash on him, swearing that he will never be nominated.

And the name of (*cough* *gag*) George Allen keeps coming up. I guess he is the stupidest affable boob that they have been able to find to succeed Mr. Bush.

All Those Spare Zygotes

I was going to follow up, but Julia at Sisyphus Shrugged did a terrific job of providing the facts. And I understand from the Arlen Specter on whatever talking head show he appeared on this morning that less than 100 -- let me repeat that -- less than 100 of these embryos have been adopted over the past three years. Just more evidence that they love the theoretical embryos, but don't want to sully their personal wombs in order to 'save the babies'.

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