Saturday, October 15, 2005

So Which Is It?

The right keeps telling us that everybody is supposed to be self sufficient. But Jenny Chancey, editor of the site Ladies Against Feminism disagrees. She believes "There is never, ever a situation where a young, single woman will have to support herself if she is part of a God-honoring family or church. If she finds no support, it is a judgment on the family and the church, and she needs to seek help from godly brothers and sisters in Christ." But I am putting the cart before the horse.

Apparently she went off to college. Well let me tell her story: "I did go to a four-year college 300 miles from home. It was the worst decision my parents and I ever made. Mom and Dad later regretted it and asked forgiveness for pressuring me to go (I did not want to go away from home at all). At the time, they really felt I was “called” to go to college, since I wanted to build up my writing skills. My late father was a well-known author, and I begged him to teach me what he knew, since I did not want to go away from home to continue my education. . .

"By the time I graduated, I was disillusioned and thoroughly brainwashed into thinking I was going to have to fend for myself in the world...

I'll let you read the original. Or, better yet, go over to Feministe and read her annotated version. She speaks for me very well.

I know in this day and age we're supposed to be tolerant, to respect the views of others and all that. And I try. But, dammit, this kind of zealotry, fundamentalist clap-trap is no different from Muslim fundamentalism or any other suppression of women, whether religious or other-based. Yeah, tell me all you want that folks should be allowed to believe what they want. But we live in a damn nanny nation where women can't drink while they are pregnant nor put a kid in a car without a car seat that runs nearly four figures. But adults/parents are allowed to teach girl children that they aren't worth crap, that they should be helpless dependent things, and that their brains and bodies should be controlled by men.

I say bullshit.

Oh, and little miss Jenny runs a home-based business. This is me, rolling my eyes at yet another hypocritical little good girl who does not live what she blathers.

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