Friday, November 25, 2005

Buy Nothing Day

We here at the Undercover household are participating in Adbusters' "Buy Nothing Day" which is TODAY both because we want to make a real statement about the power of the marketplace and because we find something uplifting about taking a day off of our usual unthinking spending. When I take time to think about how pervasive our shopping habits are compared with everyone else in the world, I am a bit shocked. So with the extra non-shopping time I will be spending a bit of time looking into the ongoing outting of Wal-Mart and wondering if monopoly capitalism will ultimately rule the universe. (If you click on that link, please understand that it just represents my current reading. I could post hundreds of 'monopoly capitalism' links, but I didn't think you'd want to write a thesis on the subject. Besides, you know how to use a search engine.)

The picture on the left is Aaron Masonek's submission to Adbusters' poster contest.

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