Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jean, Jean or Ohio 2, What Were You Thinking?

UPDATE: I had a few things to say last week about Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) when she initiated an amazing career of house speeches by calling Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) a coward. She was forced to take her words down which, in congress-speak means remove them from the record.

From The Hill we learn that she recently was interviewed by Cincinnati radio station WLW. They asked her ... well here, I'll let you read it.

Host Bill Cunningham: “Have you learned anything [since the incident]?”

Schmidt: “I’ve learned a lot.”

Cunningham: “What have you learned?”

Schmidt: “A lot.”

Cunningham: “Give me one or two.”

Schmidt: “Um … I’ve learned a lot.”

Cunningham: “Give me something you’ve learned.”

Schmidt: “Alright. [Pause] There’s so many things. Um …”

Cunningham: “Pick out one or two.”

Schmidt: “[Long pause] Not to wear the red dress.”

Cunningham: “It’s a bad red dress.”

So she obviously learned something from the experience.

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