Monday, September 18, 2006

Racism on the Right - Another George Allen Installment

They're getting too numerous to mention.

After Mr. Webb(New D) and Mr. Allen(Traditional R), candidates for Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia debated on Tim Russert's watch yesterday they followed up with a debate late this afternoon shown on the local news channel.

All boring, you say. Well yes, all boring and rountine, especially since the men have so many similar positions, until Mr. Allen was asked if he found any Jews in his background. First he gets all blithering and haughty about the first amendment as if it somehow protected him against questions he doesn't want to answer. Then the audience boos the question. Huh? Is the notion that he might have a drop or two of Jewish blood that bad? I guess it is in a world where macaca is a routine slur.

Amazing. They keep surprising me.

(YouTube video courtesy of Wonkette)

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