Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Was Undecided Until Today

Genuinely undecided. I'd flip flop back and forth, found it difficult to decide if I was more pissed off at Senator Clinton or Senator Obama. Yes, the are both acceptable. But I couldn't stick with either. I'd start to develop an attachment to one of them and they'd do something obnoxious or politically stupid as hell. And stupid won't beat the Republicans. But I vote on Tuesday so it was time to make a decision.

So today I went to see the Big Dog. I thought it was fair to give him a chance to charm me into voting for her. She couldn't charm a sick snake, so I figured it was her best shot. I thought I'd go see Michelle tomorrow. See, I really believe that the people around the candidate are every bit as important as the candidate. Her crew left a lot to be desired, but they were all seasoned folk who I could stand, Mark Penn excepted. His crew are mostly decent, a bit more peaceful and smarter than hers, but that's splitting hairs. So it seemed to come down to what else I could figure out about them.

The big dog still loves the applause. It's still all about him. The war doesn't seem to exist. He tells me that her best ideas are just continuations of his policies, like health care and a balanced budget.

He really never missed going for an applause line, no matter how cheap, even when he was in the middle of one of those wonkrades. Oh, I already said it's all about him, didn't I? Well there is that liar thing. You know that story she tells about meeting three nurses who couldn't caucus for her because they had to work? I've heard her tell it half a dozen times. When he tells it there are six nurses. There is no need to embelish. It doesn't add to the story. It's like he can't help it.

He isn't charming, he's cloying and egomanacial. He wants approval much too badly, a most unattractive quality. I left before he was done, couldn't stand any more.

This isn't fair you say? She's running, not him? My conclusion is that her judgement is impaired. If she falls for that crap of his, her judgement about other people is likely to be flawed as well.

It's Obama.


Landru said...

Ronnie Reagan is the greatest thinker of the 20th century. Got it.

Sasha said...

Just the second half.

bdr said...

Wisdom from a guy who goes to hockey games.

And lesser evils are never satisfying, just necessary.

Landru said...

No throats were slashed in the making of my non-endorsement.