Friday, May 30, 2008

Joy Rush

Out of phase but so be it. Y'all remember I'm a knitter, spinner, and general fiber nut, right? This comes from that part of my world. Bullwinkle sent me to Barb at a perfect time. She told me to make a list of things that give me a joy rush. You know what I mean. You have your own (no matter how jaded you think you are.) So here is the start of a list. Go make your own.

1. Biting into a fried soft crab sandwich with a slab of tomato on white bread for breakfast in July (Why yes, I am very specific. Why do you ask?)

2. Walking very far out on a wet giant rock jetty with the Atlantic Ocean crashing at my feet, casting spray onto my face.

3. The Redskins score

4. The first snow of the season, especially if I am home at the time and know I can burrow in and enjoy it.

5. Fireworks over the Washington Monument make me quiver every time

6. Crème brulée

7. Everything about the ocean, the smell as I approach before I can see it, the sound of the waves crashing while I doze off, walking on the beach in winter when nobody else is there. Everything.

8. Softly stroking a skein of cashmere/silk blend against the side of my neck.

9. Writing a stunning sentence after having struggled to make it perfect for hours and hours. And knowing it is really good.

10. Slipping into a not-too-hot whirlpool.

11. Solving a problem. Not the finish but the process. I love the total engagement, the forgetting to go to the bathroom concentration while I have at it, throwing everything I have into it.

That's enough for now. I think I'll go find some crème brulée.


Landru said...

Meditating in a sensory deprivation tank with pyramids and crystals lined up on the lid.

And don't forget the fucking bunnies.

Sasha said...

How come your blog never has pictures of fucking bunnies?