Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin, Barbarian

I'm offering this because instead of saving it for a more opportune time because, as I went Googling about the Intertubes this morning I find that many Sarah Palin material and web sites have been removed/pulled down/redirected to the JohnMcCain web site. (You can find it yourself. You don't need a link from me.) Interesting that she has the identical smile in both photos. I guess they learn that at Beauty Queen Camp.
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Alyssa Bush said...

Republicans take home the cake in 2008! Everyone is excited to jump on the McCain and Palin ticket! Best was to put this is: This sure "fuels" the debate!

Landru said...

Wow, that's some impressive comments spam work, there.
Except for being poorly researched, executed, and written.

SN! has a True Grit Photoshop done by some friend of those Minnesota wingnut creeps--the Manchurian Candidate as Rooster Cogburn. They delicately point out the resemblance between Governor Cheesecake and that German model who does the commercials.

Whose quals as a Republican VP candidate one can see plainly and immediately by doing a Google image search with safe search off. They jump right off the first page ag you, those quals do.

Landru said...

Of course, when one is sniping at comments, it's best to spell and format one's remarks competently.