Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin, Dick Magnet, with updates

Updates I, II, III, IV and Final Update That I Couldn't Resist below:
John McCain's pick for a Vice Presidential nominee. It looks like he will have somebody else to refer to as a cunt.

Today John McCain is 73. Sarah Palin, age 44, has been the Governor of Alaska for less than two years. She has no other experience. (There goes the "Obama lacks experience" argument.) She is under investigation for something or other that happened in her office. She is wildly anti-choice.

Seriously, isn't McCain a little old to still be pretending he can get it up, Cialis or no? His only consistent throughout his career is chasing blonde "Miss HotShitOfTheDay."

Poor Cindy.

Look, the man is likely to croak. He is 73, has a history of multiple cancers, and won't release his medical records. The party that has been griping bout Obama's experience now thinks that they can sell her as a replacement whe he dies or -- more likely -- is declared incompetent. It seems like they just tossed their best card in the sewer.

Then again, I can't wait to watch her debate Biden.

Update I - It didn't occur to me how much older she would make McCain look just standing next to him. She even makes Cindy (who she calls Mrs. McCain) look old.

Update II
- Geez she's been pumping babies out for nearly 20 years. She has a 5 month old and one in the Army. And they have names like Trig and Bristol and Willow. She is amazingly hickish.

Update III
- Well at least she can deliver Alaska for McCain. Oh, wait ...

Update IV - Just in case anybody is worried about this, make sure you catch Letterman, Leno, and Jon Stewart. I think they will all make it crystal clear.

Final Update
- Governor Palin? Supported and stumped for ... wait for it ... Pat Buchanan, that racist, anti-semitic craphead who was mooning over Senator Obama's speech last night -- in 1996. *swoon*


Anonymous said...

just after I found out that she was the pick I wiki'd her. The page that came up on wiki had a whole host of information. I read though the first paragraphs and when I got to the section called "early life," the first like said "She likes Dicks." Amazed, I took a few screen shots and after refreshing the page... it was gone. If you want to post them, its pretty funny.
I don't blog, otherwise I would.

Landru said...

Having now seen the picture (which was being filtered out by the Mormon-run federal agency at which I hang out during the work day*), I'm most amused by the "Homing in on Halibut" tag next to her.

*Fuck you, any commenter who wants to make something of it. They have a policy that permits personal use on a limited basis, if you think I spend only 8 hours a day in the service of you, the taxpayer, you don't think very well.