Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inauguration of a President

Fifty seven years ago today this young man, an Irish Catholic from the northeast, took the oath of office and became the President of the United States. It was a very cold day. The city was barely recovering from a snowstorm the night before.The city was excited. My city, Washington DC, which is at its best when we decorate it and come together for events such as these.

Today a young man from Hawaii via Illinois, Barack Obama, will become the first African-American President. Again the city is frigid but the city is excited and hopeful. This is what the country does best. Yes, I know it is trite but it is also true. All over the world people will see pictures of the peaceful transfer of power between people who profoundly disagree with one another. It is one of those deals we made with history.

Look at how many people were arriving at about 7 AM today!

Watch when you can of the spectacle knowing that the rest of the world is watching too. And take a minute or two to be amazed at what we as a nation can do. Remember that we don't have to live in fear. We are a strong, hopeful people. Be happy for us.

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