Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Semi-Live TeeVee Blogging the Inauguration

12:51 - It is time for me to end this phase and to say goodbye to George W. Bush. Bubye, Mr. Bush.

12:26 - I loved the speech. And it was short too!!

12:06 - It's done. We have a new President. Yay! I'm going to weep a bit now. Edited: I am reminded that we had a new President at noon, regardless of the oath.

12:00 - YoYo Ma, Itzak Perlman (and others) are playing something or another. It is a shame that his gay daughter had to hear Mr. Warren today. Why yes, that is bitterness and rage you hear. Why do you ask?

11:58 - We have a new Veep. Herr Cheney no longer reigns.

11:53 - I have totally failed in my ecumenical spirit. I fucking hate Rick Warren and his all Christian prayer. On the other hand Aretha could bring me to Jesus.

11:05 - Chris Matthews just compared the Bushes to the Romanovs. No wonder he's on teevee. At least we can count on him to say something totally stupid and hilarious.

10:45 - I'm glad to see that Teddy Kennedy made it, looking pretty hardy and wearing a terrific pimp hat.

10:10 - Mohammad Ali arrives at the west face of the Capitol for the ceremony. I'm glad he was invited and able to attend. We owe him a great deal.

9:55 - Arriving at the White House for coffee, Michelle Obama hands Laura Bush a gift in a white box with a red ribbon. Crazyeyes looks totally surprised and the commentators claim that this gift is a "first." Apparently the previous occupants had no class.

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